Tarot cards don’t tell the future : they give us the gift of perspective.

At any point of our lives, we stand at a crossroads, taking decisions. Choosing paths. The cards help us take a look at where we’re standing right now. They show us ways to deal with challenges, and remind us of what tools we have, what burdens we can choose to put down, what opportunities we can work to our advantage. They are roadmaps, to help us find clarity and see what steps we can take to live a more fulfilled life.

Tarot Ethics

– I am honest (and gentle) about the messages I see.
– I do not read information about other people than you.
– I do not read for couples. In my experience, it’s important to be able to select what information you wish to share.
– I follow my instinct rather than “traditional” tarot meanings.

Readings are available in person or through audio recording, in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese (BR).

About my price range


I work with a sliding scale of prices, to keep my work accessible to all those who need it. Choose what resonates with you.



Clear Focus

solidarity : 20£    fair : 25£  ★  abundance : 30£

This reading is a snapshot and goes straight to the point. It’s ideal if you have a decision to make, a doubt, a need for fresh insight to keep things moving.

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Deep Dive

solidarity : 40£  ★  fair : 50£    abundance : 60£

This reading is the perfect opportunity to go over your situation in a lot of detail : to give yourself the time to remember the path behind you, to appreciate what you’ve been given and to plan ahead.

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Sex Magic

solidarity : 40£    fair : 50£    abundance : 60£

Sexual power is often a key player in readings, and it needs our attention as a garden needs constant tending and care. Here are four readings designed to explore, nurture and develop clear communication around your sexual needs.

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