I offer sessions to connect to the divine in your body.

Our bodies are libraries – they hold treasures. They hold secrets. They require a space of reverence to reveal them. 

My touch draws on the heritage of tantra and sexual shamanism to connect you to your innate power of healing and ecstasy. I create a safe space to fully surrender to pleasure’s guidance, to slip into slow, liquid bliss. This silky soft massage leaves you deeply relaxed and energised. Traveling on the wings of breath, your heart can find the trust to open and expand.

We come together to celebrate your sensuality and revive a playful, tender intimacy with your body – your most important lover, partner and teacher.

I believe every human should receive the gift of a genital massage at least once. They are a bridge to a realm of wonder and sacredness far beyond where words can reach. There is tremendous healing, softness and nurture waiting for us there. If you have ever thought that there was more to sexuality, more to the experience of being in a body – and never quite found how to connect or find answers, get in touch.

Come to rest and be held. Come to explore. Come to shine.

Sacred Touch Massages

1h to 2h sessions (1h30 recommended, especially for a first time)

  • Full-body relaxing massage
  • Introduction to tantric practices
  • Yoni / Lingam Massage
  • Prostate Massage