tattoo reviews

“My tattoo experience with Joy was both deeply transformative and deeply nourishing. Joy is an intuitive and generous practitioner, and I felt both safe and gently challenged in my work with her. The beautiful setting of her studio was a genuine locus amoenus for me, and it was such a pleasure to be there.
Joy was always prompt and clear in communications when planning this tattoo. The art she created for me is absolutely gorgeous, and it was produced in a collaborative process that was meaningful and personal.
The spiritual aspect of the tattoo process, from planning to creation to the actual tattooing, was beautiful and profound. I felt very grounded, and as though this tattoo meant as much to Joy as it does to me, that it was being created and placed on my body with mindful intention and for a deeper purpose than just decorating my skin.
I wholeheartedly recommend Joy’s practice. It has been a wonderful experience, and I really love my tattoo.” Kate

“I usually made my tattoos in a “normal studio”, so for me Joy’s way of working was new and something I had been wishing to do with all my tattoos. It wasn’t just drawing on my body but a ceremony of letting go of the old and welcoming the new. She incorporated everything my soul wanted. An understanding of the symbolism of my tattoo, the story behind it, choosing the right time and place, calling out to the spirits, including cacao ceremony, fire, tarot cards and so much more…
It was beautiful, soul centered experience – Amazing! (And I am not overreacting!)” Karin 

“Joy through your tattoos I know that things have changed, and that there was always someone with me. They are like my totems when I need to think of something positive. I felt like we had a true connection during all these sessions and it helped me a lot. People keep saying my tattoo is beautiful : they see that you put so much love into your work and they wanna be part of it.” Charlotte 

“My Morning Glory ink is not only a Tattoo. In a beautiful sacred space Joy led us through a transformative experience, invoking Morning Glory as a living spirit guide who holds me when I’m lonely and reminds me that every moment is beauty. I am grateful to Joy for creating a magical connection that will stay with me forever!” Dawn