Tarot Reviews

“You hold the space with great integrity and insight and with the heart of a poet. You are confident and nonjudgmental two important qualities when working with sexuality. You gave time and a sacred space. And really, you are so eloquent.
I feel honoured and blessed that I was able to undertake such an intimate journey with you, shining your light of truth and compassion so beautifully. The readings proved to be profound and useful. They impacted on my life in a meaningful way. They were intrinsic to my journey to greater self awareness and confidence in my sexuality.”
– Gaetan

“My reading with Joy was an incredible experience from start to finish. It had a natural flow to it that revealed all the various truths. Joy was truly respectful, non-judgemental and gave me the time I needed. She listened to me and then when the time was right asked the cards for their guidance and insight. Joy is a naturally gifted and sensitive reader and being in her presence was a very calming and spiritual experience. She is indeed abundant in her natural gift. Thank you Joy”
– Tom

“The reading I received from Joy was warm, uplifting and insightful. Her insights have encouraged me to live this life, my life, with more depth, colour and commitment.”
– Nicky

“Joy introduced me to the healing path of the cards. Like a soul reading, with each card she unveiled my past, present and future, helping me cleanse my energy of old patterns it was time to let go of. At that time, a door between my conscious and unconscious had just opened. I was able to release so many buried emotions – hidden memories surfaced and were dispelled in dreams and nightmares. I’m delighted to have crossed her path – her sharp intuition guided me through difficult times.”
– Sovanda

“I am very grateful for sessions with Joy. It’s quite intriguing how accurate she can be in her readings. I was given 3 sessions so far and I always found it very useful. Joy has a unique talent to take you on a journey through time and space, using her wise advise and an awesome humour. It’s always fun and I highly recommend it!”
– Monika

“Joy created a wonderful atmosphere. I could really feel the cards and the message beyond Joy‘s words. It was a wonderful, emotional and healing experience for me. Thank you Joy! ”
– Julia