Sex Magic Tarot

In tarot as in life, our sexual and creative drive is one and the same. The cards unite them both under the sign of fire. Fire speaks of the willpower that gets things done and fuels the steps we take to make our dreams come true. It feeds our art, our imagination, our joy and pleasure. Fire is the hearth where we find food for the soul, where we make the tools we need, burn what we do not need, and gather together, to feel the warmth of connection.

The Sex Magic Readings create a sacred space where we can commune with the sexual needs of the body, mind and spirit. With our finger on this pulse, we can align with our inner ebbs and flows, and understand whether it is time for our energy to flow out or be kept in. By tending it with care and feeding it what it needs, our deepest fire will thrive, burn brighter, and bring us its messages of wisdom.

The aim of these readings is to bring clarity to our needs and the cycles we go through, to maintain the connection to our personal power.

About my price range

I work with a sliding scale of prices, to keep my work accessible to all those who need it. Choose what resonates with you.


Price for each reading

solidarity : 40£    fair : 50£    abundance : 60£


Here are the different readings available :



Forget “sexual pleasure” or “satisfaction” – what we want is the lush radiance of Abundance. But abundance wears different faces, depending on the season – it can mean exhilarated dancing… or reading with a cat in bed. What does it mean for you now? What steps can you take to manifest it in your life?

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Captura de Tela 2017-12-27 às 17.42.31SEXUAL EXPLORATION

This reading walks us through the intriguing paths of sensual pleasure, to find out what tickles and moves you the most. It also alights on the ancestral influences that help shape your relationship to sex.

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Captura de Tela 2017-12-27 às 18.48.30SEXUAL COMMUNICATION

Let’s take a look at what lies at the root of most of our problems : the clear communication of our needs, both to ourselves and to others. It’s great for clearing the fog around what feels stuck, complicated, unclear.

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Captura de Tela 2017-12-27 às 17.35.18SEXUAL SPRING CLEANING

Time to let go : we all have some mighty ugly skeletons, buried deep in our sexual closet. But what is brought under the light is easier to deal with than an intangible shadow, looming unspoken in the back of our minds. This reading dusts off the skeletons, acknowledge their presence – then focuses on what’s relevant and helpful to you today.

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All 4 Readings

Captura de Tela 2018-02-27 às 18.21.28

Ready for a deep journey of change?

This is a slow-paced, meditative, deep work. Each reading is timed with a phase of the moon, to feel her influence on our thoughts and deeds. The time lapsing between each one is a precious gift, weaving a bond of trust and understanding between us. The readings give incisive comments on unfolding events, and will come to play an active role in your daily life. They become your close ally, giving you perspective, advice, and homework.

This series is for you, when you feel like you want to leave no stone unturned.

solidarity : 160£  ★  fair : 200£    abundance : 300£

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