I offer sessions to connect to the divine in your body.

Our bodies are libraries – they hold treasures. They hold secrets. They require a space of reverent silence to reveal them. 

I create a safe space to fully surrender to the guidance of pleasure. To slip into the trance of slow, liquid bliss. 

This is a royal gateway to commune with the source of your infinite power, creativity, and ease. I do not use the word “infinite” lightly – there is potential here to tap into a river of pure current that can nourish your growth and well-being exponentially.

To work directly on the body is an opportunity to radically shift stagnant storylines that keep you from moving forward. It is a chance to revive a playful intimacy with your body as your most important lover, partner and teacher.

This work is so dear to my heart. It is rooted in tantric practice, sexual shamanism and animal wisdom.

In directing our focus to our innate magic, our natural power of healing and ecstasy, we disengage from the lack mentality, the rat race and alienation that is wrecking the earth under our feet and under our skin. We engage in actively restoring our wild habitat, by listening to the needs of our inner and outer ecology.

The work of surrendering to Love starts right here.