My work speaks to your wholeness. It aims for a harmonious alignment of the soul, mind, emotions and body.

Through coaching, oracle and bodywork, I open a space where your story can be heard, your spirit speak, and your flesh open. We engage together with all the levels of your being.

Sessions are tailored to meet your needs – they involve as much talking, as much touch as you are comfortable with, depending on what feels relevant.

I also offer an opportunity to work specifically with sexuality, as it is often involved in the root of any dis-ease. The source of your power, creativity, and ease rests in your erotic current. It yearns to water your growth and well-being.

Most of us, including our most valued teachers and healers, have received little education on this subject – at best, some theory. But like any other aspect of our lives, embodying a healthy sexuality demands active practice, time and dedication.

I have trained in sacred temples. I learned these teachings around the world and through my body, making this the backbone of my practice. I believe no healing or growth can happen without honouring our roots.

Remember, the way you make love
is the way God will be with you



Tarot Reading/Coaching
Sacred Touch Bodywork (recommended 1h30)
Tarot Reading/Coaching + 1h Bodywork
Tarot Reading/Coaching + 2h Bodywork