I anchor my readings in the realm of sexuality because that is where the root of everything lies.

Lifeforce. Creativity. Power.
Vulnerability. Money.
Connection to self, to others, and to the divine.

It may not be the main focus of the reading, but it is acknowledged as a key to understand our inner process, and a powerful ally to call on for change.

Readings are available in person or online.
They can be delivered in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese.

About my price range

I work with a sliding scale of prices, to keep my work accessible to all those who need it. Choose what resonates with you.

solidarity : 60€  ★  fair : 70€  ★  abundance : 80€

This reading summons the different polarities that share space within you, to feel into the needs of each of them. 

For example, your inner Animal, your body and instincts, may crave a very different food to your inner Masculine – the quality of presence that shepherds your thoughts and guards your boundaries. The wolf and the shepherd coexist within us, and sometimes the needs of the one gets undermined by attention to the other.

The focus here is on a space where each of their voices can be clearly heard – so the dynamics come clearly to the light, and the right course of action can be felt. 

solidarity : 60€  ★  fair : 70€  ★  abundance : 80€

The “shadow” part of us has no negative connotations – it is simply the parts of ourselves that we cannot see. Perhaps it was a characteristic that was not acceptable in the enviornment we grew up in. Whatever the story is, it is the part we have chosen to let fall at the bottom of the ocean, out of our sight. Its influence is still felt from the deep waters, but we are unable to identify it alone.

This reading maps out a strategy to lure out the part of yourself that is wanting to come out in the open. The part that wants to be seen, accepted and integrated. This is essential, powerful work that is often overlooked because it usually recquires sharp observation from our trusted peers – or feedback from another source, such as the cards.

solidarity : 60€  ★  fair : 70€  ★  abundance : 80€

Most of our problems breed around something that is unclear in our understanding or in our communication. This reading gives us perspective on how smoothly we transmit our truth, and what can be tweaked for improvement. It also explores the themes of fears, attractions and the things we hold silent. 

solidarity : 60€  ★  fair : 70€  ★  abundance : 80€

This reading is designed for us to meet ourselves, as we would open our awareness and body to meet a new lover. To let ourselves be surprised by the desires that surface when they are left to guide us. To feel into what we need as boundaries, as well as our ability to feel and voice our consent. We go slowly, like a soft, tentative first meeting.

solidarity : 60€  ★  fair : 70€  ★  abundance : 80€

Ready for a deep journey of change?

This is a slow-paced, meditative, deep work. Each reading is timed with a phase of the moon, to feel her influence on our thoughts and deeds. The time lapsing between each one is a precious gift, weaving a bond of trust and understanding between us. The readings give incisive comments on unfolding events, and will come to play an active role in your daily life. They become your close ally, giving you perspective, advice, and homework.

This series is for you, when you feel like you want to leave no stone unturned.

solidarity : 240€  ★  fair : 280€  ★  abundance : 320€