fertility icons


The impact of images on our brain is a secret to no one – and regulary contemplating an icon is a powerful meditation practice.

These are fertility icons, painted while praying and setting an intention. They stimulate our inner fire and set ablaze our sexual and creative drive. Each one plants seeds : one connects you to nature spirits, another summons clarity to understand where your true path lies. One brings focus in prayer and union with all that is.

They are of the size of a handspan, to fit on an altar or slip in your diary or purse.

About my price range 

I work with a sliding scale of prices, to keep my work accessible to all those who need it. Choose what resonates with you.

solidarity : 45£  fair : 55  abundance : 65

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calm purple cat goddess
fertility blue woman


fertility buddha copy


fertility krishna signed


fertility pan


fertility rainbow woman 02



force test