A circle is an organism that breathes with the cycles of the moon, witnessing the collective journey through light and shadow. We gather like our ancestors did, to feel the pulse of our community. This is a safe space where we can share whatever needs to come out – with words, song, music, dance, laughter. It is a horizontal structure with no leader, each participant bringing their unique transmission to the group.


The Sacred Sexuality Sharing Circle is an invitation for us to share our questions and experiences around sexuality. By exploring this as a group, we get the chance to expand our own experience through the mirror of others.

The aim here is to invite compassionate listening and clear communication into our sexual field.

This is about remembering together that our sexual energy is our most powerful tool of everyday magic. It shapes our potential for transformation, connection, pleasure, our vibrance and self-love. Here we share the challenges we face, the solutions we find, the ups and downs and in betweens so that we can all build up this power, gain new perspectives, show our vulnerability and have some fun!

What to expect :
– sharing circle
– guided meditation
– eye contact
– sounding
– dancing
– humor
– movement exercises
– respect