Educate the heart

where do you go to educate the heart? martin shaw’s drumbeats between my temples,simple questionspiercing the heartroll off the storyteller tongue. the image ofa hand stitchingfor a year and a day,embroideringbroodingcourtingthe heart,on the chest of a nightgownfor marriage tothe Great Devourer, the Beast. yesterday i was doing just that,making whole and holy the holes,stitching upmyContinue reading “Educate the heart”


Do you surrender to your woman? Some kneelto offer up wordsTo a priest’s ear.Some lay their bodiesAt my knees,And through my worshipI receiveTheir crystal clear confession. I bow behindThese archetypal veils,Priestess WhoreAngel Shaman Mermaid – And I observe. No matter how eroticA Temple is forever a test ofSubmittingTo the mystery.(Literally – “Islam”) No matter theContinue reading “Surrender”

meeting Hare

Animals and dreams,My favorite sacred texts,Have been speaking loudly. I have been beddedBy the blood then the fever –Days go byAnd the skyRelentlessly spins. Focusing works for a while,Then the spinning returns,More. I gave up doing. Yesterday I wrapped myself into a blanket andstumbled into the forest,Wanting only to collapse and watch the trees spinContinue reading “meeting Hare”

dark lake

I sit and listen to the dark lake.The Scratch-under-the-surface,resilient faceof this once marshland –The black mirror speaks plainlyIts oracle : Covered in blood-red at our arrivalIts surface rusted, rotted, ripened,With every new tear atThe flesh-masks of our“I am this”. I prayed on TransformationWhile our fragrant, thornyqueens of loveWent into the ground. Thenthe world of menContinue reading “dark lake”

rumbling night

I lay it all on the ground.The hunting knife,The telescope,The compass. I lay down the trying. On the sunset road,There’s a red woman,Dancing alone on the red horizon. What else is real? Bright pink flowersBrighten up a roomDrenched in the smellOf sudden, violent death. A green caterpillar,Inside a green tomato,Defends its home against anintruding finger.Continue reading “rumbling night”

lure me back

Yes highden.Lure me back in.I have not yet touched the land and I amShakingsobbingSleeplessa low rumbleI have ached foryour grass and waterpulling and tugging and draggingParts of me flying past,ProjectilesWhistling aheadfor days now,You summon me andI am running to the pyre,Ripping skin off me while I goLike casting aside mourning blackon the last dawn,No partContinue reading “lure me back”

an outrageous liaison

I have been indulging inAn outrageous liaison withMy inner monk.Oblivious to the outside world(But what is outside?)We dissolve into the divineRiding the words of poetsAnd the horn building on my fingertips. My body quietly allowsAs all hours of the day and nightWatch us lighting candles on the floorCelebrating UnionIn bursts of erratic sound and silence.WeContinue reading “an outrageous liaison”

love songs

When the planets alignedAt the sacred site,I was not at theofficial Ceremony gathering thing. I was sharing a patch of grass withsix strings and four ears,Begging forgiveness forEvery minute of my life ever spent inNot writing love songsNot singing love songsNot being a love song. Calling out to the skyForgive me!I promiseIt won’t happen again!


Lichen – the sacred union between an algae and a mushroom, thriving together in a way they could not achieve alone. yesterday, i took part in a woman’s circle. last week, i took part in a co-created gathering. two weeks ago, we had a party for my dad’s funeral. with every opportunity to immerse myselfContinue reading “Lichen”