Ista love poem

Alone at last. There’s still salt on my cheeks sand in my hair Wind in my ears. Hours roll by behind plane windows. A rainbow spreads across the clouds and the moon rises, Full and silver on a blood red sky. My body still remembers the goosebumps Every time a voice speaks in the circle. … More Ista love poem


I’ve spent hours walking rose quartz paths barefoot. Meditating on the bridge where walking with naked feet and keeping an open heart meet. Both demand close attention to the environment. If the mind wanders, I cut my skin, bump fragile bones. With every step The stones press their jagged edges into my flesh. Nerve endings … More Barefoot


This is some full-moon love from a few days, a few decades ago. I’m living micro-seasons. Super-accelerated cycles. Two months of winter, for slow silence and music. Tears, goodbyes and a funeral celebration. Then I hopped the globe, and bubbled and simmered for two months of summer. The sun warmed my naked skin while my … More Accelerate


Lichen – the sacred union between an algae and a mushroom, thriving together in a way they could not achieve alone. yesterday, i took part in a woman’s circle. last week, i took part in a co-created gathering. two weeks ago, we had a party for my dad’s funeral. with every opportunity to immerse myself … More Lichen