lean on me

Lean On Me…. that song always transports me back to a moment of magic. it was a cold winter night, and the last song of the ecstatic dance set – individual dancers slowly emerged from their trance, rising from the floor. Voices mingled. bodies came together. a buzzing throng of sweaty, blissed out humanness locked … More lean on me


Few things arouse meLike slowness does.That flavor of time spent,Dedicated, offered up.Like those daysWhere I slide intoDeeper layers of service. With every sunset hereThe intimacy grows,With the land, myself and my many other faces. I came to give everything,And morning greets in me that quiet flameThat asks every dayHow can I give more? What is … More slowness

saturn return

What do I return to Saturn?I give back everythingI believe I know,Or am. The impossible dreamsThat came true,the spectacular failures,The heartbreaks and disillusions, The rich festival of so many first times. the masks and limitationsI pick up in the morning andpretend are mine. They are yesterday’s clothes.I have no use for them. I return the … More saturn return


I feel the divineWeavingUs.Nothing new,But my dreams paintHow each of our interactions,Every way in which weReach outMingletouch each other’s heartChanges our dna.We mutate –Each other. No matter man’s many clever tricksIt all falls to ashesIf we cannot hold each other. I am infusing tribal days and ways –Feeling the caged, alone others. I am now … More tribal

meeting Hare

Animals and dreams,My favorite sacred texts,Have been speaking loudly. I have been beddedBy the blood then the fever –Days go byAnd the skyRelentlessly spins. Focusing works for a while,Then the spinning returns,More. I gave up doing. Yesterday I wrapped myself into a blanket andstumbled into the forest,Wanting only to collapse and watch the trees spin … More meeting Hare

dark lake

I sit and listen to the dark lake.The Scratch-under-the-surface,resilient faceof this once marshland –The black mirror speaks plainlyIts oracle : Covered in blood-red at our arrivalIts surface rusted, rotted, ripened,With every new tear atThe flesh-masks of our“I am this”. I prayed on TransformationWhile our fragrant, thornyqueens of loveWent into the ground. Thenthe world of men … More dark lake

rumbling night

I lay it all on the ground.The hunting knife,The telescope,The compass. I lay down the trying. On the sunset road,There’s a red woman,Dancing alone on the red horizon. What else is real? Bright pink flowersBrighten up a roomDrenched in the smellOf sudden, violent death. A green caterpillar,Inside a green tomato,Defends its home against anintruding finger. … More rumbling night