The word is Exponential. I can barely keep track Of how many teeth gleam in the moon’s smile. My spine squints at my foot, thinks Move Already the paths open to beg for a footprint, Strewn with rose petals and freshly fallen apricots. I blink, and the earth has already sucked in the raindrop. “How … More Exponential


What has kept me here? It is Without doubt Or hesitation The bears. The shredded trunks Where their nuzzles smelled bugs The ripped planks Protecting So temporarily The treasures of Garbage and kitchen, The cacophony of their retreat, Smashing through branches Every day when I walk by. “Bear medicine is Knowing your strength. How to … More Beardreaming

Oh water!

Oh water! Divine lover of mine You whisper words at dusk And tease songs out of me. I sit on another land of quartz, Where your veins twinkle with gold, And I run to you. Lips black with blackberries Cooked and dried on the bramble bush. I sleep in the dust, Pluck thorns from my … More Oh water!


Blessed be The four walls around me. I tend to exist outdoors. I’ve long been a stranger to Holy places built by the hand of man, But lately I’ve discovered The precious silence preserved inside churches, And now the haven of the bathtub. Oh, to be, uninterrupted! Not by a bird, a cloud, a fly. … More Cave

Singed whiskers

So let’s count then : Split drum Smashed phone Sprinkled computer Torn kalimba Ripped travel bag Toothless rattle. People around me tend to Die At an enthusiastic pace. Their homes partners jobs vanish Their identity crumbles They have visions of wolves. Perhaps that’s the price I pay for the low rumble in my wake. The … More Singed whiskers


My favourite magic trick From the bag of the prophets Is Divine multiplication. I receive love give love Am love And then I spread it – Like throwing fat fistfuls of seeds to the birds. Then all around me happy birdsong erupts, It tickles the ear of a poet kindles his art Flares up a … More Multiply