Now is the time to know
that all you do is sacred.


Joy Thunder is a wild artist, dakini, witch.

She offers experiences to arouse and awaken.

Joy is devoted to landing temples – to help anchor spaces of power in the mind, the body and the land. Spaces where we can commune, celebrate, listen to the mystery and create the impossible.

She facilitates one-on-one sessions to thread together voluptuous ease in the body and crystal clarity about our path, our desires and inner seasons. She offers guidance to activate our most vibrant aliveness, the state of being where our soul purpose can freely pour into matter.

She works with mediums such as tarot cards, sacred touch, circles and ritual. Sessions are available online and in person.

Joy has years of experience in holding transformational rituals. Her practice is fed by a deep immersion in sacred sexuality (ISTA, Highden Temple). She has been traveling the world for a decade, finding her teachers in the wilderness of different landscapes and cultures. She is a passionate dancer, poet, love song writer and gardner.