Joy Thunder is a wild oracle. She works with magic, ritual and sacred sexuality to foster personal empowerment.

Her passion is to provide embodied tools for self-initiation. She believes magic is our birthright, our landline to our soul calling. Our most efficient way of existing in harmony and getting shit done.

Joy is a tarot reader, nomadic witch, writer and Rumi devotee. Her sensitivity was fed by years of creating ceremonial tattoos, and listening to the forest spirits of Europe, South America and New Zealand.

The woods and stones will teach you what you cannot learn from other masters.

Her work revolves around accessing the inner wildness. That place where our instincts, our connection to everything lies, constantly feeding subtle information to the body. She is passionate about natural states of trance and that liminal moment of loss of control – when the magic comes through us unfiltered, and reprograms our reality.

She is part of the Highden Mystery School community and is fully dedicated to embodying a pillar of that temple.