Early nights,

A warrior’s strict routine

In diet and exercise.

To Full-time priestess

Is an athlete’s art,

Body trained to

Juggle prodigious voltage,

Defy laws of time

And probability

Thrice Daily.

I need to dance out the joy

Once they’ve floated back out,

The dazed innocents who

“Why not try something new?”

Busy city folk,

Charmingly forgetful

Of what happens when you play




They emerge,

Faces blackened from

The kiss of a faraway place.



Glowing embers under

Dreaming eyelids.

#tantra #tantricmassage #massage #eros #conscioussexuality #firsttime #initiation #playingwithmatches #magic #priestessing #electric #sexualshamanism

Published by joythunder

ecstatic wildness

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