Educate the heart

where do you go to educate the heart?

martin shaw’s drum
beats between my temples,
simple questions
piercing the heart
roll off the storyteller tongue.

the image of
a hand stitching
for a year and a day,
the heart,
on the chest of a nightgown
for marriage to
the Great Devourer, the Beast.

yesterday i was doing just that,
making whole and holy the holes,
stitching up
my mother’s jumper,
That snagged on hawthorns and rosebushes
While traveling on my back.
I used a bee hive stitch,
learnt from my sister years ago –
a way to bridge
gaps too large
to simply be pinched back together.
all of me pouring into
the gaps left by
the distance of the oceans
the clogged years of half-truths,
this triangle’s clumsy best efforts
to meet halfway.

all afternoon,
i willed peace into the spaces
in between.

so as i beheld another seamstress,
stitching potential into a dead end,
the question echoes again :

where do you go to educate the heart?

the answers
should be at the tip of the tongue,
easy as breathing,
the first-aid kit of evolving humanness.
the familiar bread and wine of our years.

i still had to pause,
sniff the air

some answers burst forward,
bearing triumphant
the spoils of many years of digging.

still i prefer
to avert my eyes from them for now,

and allow the question
to hang pure
in the clear air.

to drink the potent, fertile silence
it opens.

where do you go to educate the heart?

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