Dripping flag

My voice first came to me

In a cave.

The songs in a tipi.

The guitar in my disintegration.

Fairytale helpers creeping into

The plotline with gifts.

This art of songwriting

Dropped into my lap,

A package with Instructions :


So these days I record the music,

Hours behind candlelit microphones.

Lullabies of love,

Songs of existing exhaustion,

Apocalypse anthems and

Daydream visions I don’t understand,

And don’t need to.

I feel such freedom

In This art that is not mine,

Well out of my control.

I am just the messenger,

Raising a flag

Dripping with every color of my heart,


My love,

Go forth into the world

And bless it with you.

#music #magic #creativeprocess #songwriting #messenger #creativecauldron #permission #homestudio #recording #diy

Published by joythunder

ecstatic wildness

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