Writing Challenge

Too often, the sheer bulk of what I do not know, and what I do not know how to express has stayed my hand, culled my voice.

When I first found myself wading neck deep in the subtle realms, I found that not only my understanding – my instruments also, had become irrelevant overnight. For a decade, I had communed and communicated with the world by painting – and the suddenly silent brushes simply fell from my hands. Words are a reluctant last resource.

Sharing experiences that defy imagining is a slippery business to me. The past has often cloaked them in heavy veils of symbols and silence – with many good reasons. It’s also too convenient to bow to that, and not take the risk of being seen, knowing full well that that was then, and today’s world is starving for crumbs of the present moment’s naked truth.

At the end of the day, it’s simple : the fire wants to be shared.
Life is too exciting to hoard the flame for my eyes only.

Today the King of Wands spoke through me words I cannot take back :

« You are stepping into the role of the prophet.
So get out of your own way. Listen deeply to the unknown.

– And speak. What the King has to say, everyone needs to hear.”

(Get It Out There Already.)

By the way : this message is also, clearly, meant for you.

I set myself this challenge to produce seven pieces of writing, for all the times I have skimmed over the hard work – of relaying back to the tribe the visions, with whatever broken shards can reflect even a glimmer of the unspeakable light.

I have no idea what this will look like.

I must be onto something.

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ecstatic wildness

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