Do you surrender to your woman?

Some kneel
to offer up words
To a priest’s ear.
Some lay their bodies
At my knees,
And through my worship
I receive
Their crystal clear confession.

I bow behind
These archetypal veils,
Priestess Whore
Angel Shaman Mermaid

– And I observe.

No matter how erotic
A Temple is forever a test of
To the mystery.
(Literally – “Islam”)

No matter the body,
Always i find it is
The inner woman
Who opens
under the sacred touch of bliss,

Always the one question :
Will you allow her to?

“Welcome to a space
Of no expectations “.

Enticing from afar,
But on the brink,

Yes, totally
Yes, totally

I am sometimes splattered with
Flailing attempts
To find a safe path through,
Projectiles of distraction
Shame desire power games mind,
Harpoons skidding when they realize
This is surrender.
Not a word,

A death.

Ecstatic, but nonetheless –

Some go there.
Some don’t.

All precious moments
Of human unfolding,

pearls On the string of our learning.

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Photo Ricky van Meer

Published by joythunder

ecstatic wildness

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