Humble me

you humble me love.

i have put myself on the front line –
every day,

i give love with my hands.

i touch one of the animals
caged indoors for so long,
caged indoors of their minds for longer.
i touch a heart frayed by
hand sanitizer
distancing lines on the floor
agitation in the air

– and time opens.
and we fall in love.
and it’s so personal.

one man had skin and bones
inflamed, bent, screaming distress,
i cried when he left
could have kept going for days
bodies unused to
having full permission to
knees and shoulders and chests
Shaped by years of crying

“why dont you listen to me?”

but they come because they do,
and together we leave
the century the crisis the clock,
and glide into the warm womb where
love is holding you.
love is holding you.

love is holding you.

i kneel to this.
to gently wake
every forgotten inch of skin
to sing the pleasure of being alive, incarnate


I will keep conjuring
that word from their lips,
that precious memory from their limbs.

I do not know how to change the world.

you will find me loving with devotion
until something better comes along.

massage #touchrevolution #intimacy #tantra #priestessing #magic

Photo by Ricky van Meer

Published by joythunder

ecstatic wildness

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