Garden Serenade

Domesticated beings
Seldom spark a keen interest in me.

But oh, you…
I could feel it coming,
During the traveling years when
I prayed every night

A land I can kiss every morning.

“So how do we do this?”
“Oh, just like everything. You give it all your love.”

I daydream of
our raucous play
With the outrageous tomatoes,
The thick tongue of tobacco
sticking up my fingers,
And gently opening the delicate arms
Of The Passion flower princess.

“But who will eat this?”
“The earth.”
The great devourer, happily scoffing
Our eclectic, eager tributes,
Ash shit and eggshells
Rotten mud, intestines
Broken sticks and fermented failures

  • you take it all with a smile,
    A voracious, versatile poet.

I’ve reveled in the daily divine play of
“Look! Babies!”
Salads poking up their curly heads,
A sappling’s swollen first feijoa,
Hanging proudly
From a tree half the size of its fruit.

This enchanted neighborhood
Where all the realms,
All kingdoms converge –
Black fingernails
Grinning baskets full of life,
Thoughts through the day trailing to
Hide and seek with the pumpkins
The infinite charms of rosemary,
ingenious bamboo inventions.

The friends sweating side by side,
The loud brothers with their shovels
The broken hearts digging for a little peace.

Like a generous grandmother,
None of us ever leave you empty-handed.

Oh honey,
How can I paint for you
The humbling beauty
Of being one pair of hands,
Welcoming a budding forest
Into a green desert of caged cows…

I was alone on that day,
whispering the first prayers
As I Cut the waist-high grasses
Of a plain marsh field
That now sings in all the tongues of
The curliest kale
Basil, celery, manuka…

I am forever filled
with this garden,
And she will forever be filled
With So, so much Joy.

garden #gardenlove #highdentemple #gardentemple #thetempleisthegarden #ancestralhealing #outrageousjoy

Thank you naama, goddess of the garden, for sharing this season of abundant juicy love with me ❤️

Published by joythunder

ecstatic wildness

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