i bless this silence that enfolded me,
unfolded me,
this cocoon sweetness
that held our hive for five days.

the natural outbreath of
this dying season, the end of a deep dive,
was postponed by
half a hundred humans,
busily alive in exciting times.

but watching the moon we
dropped the threads at last
to feel our pulse.

to take our own initiation into this

time unravels in a landscape
where i
is always in the background of
“how can i help?”

the sound of my heartbeat,
its loud echo drumming through my frame,
melts me back into
every heart, that beats now or once did.

our contours fade where
our energies blend,
words failing to separate us.

every gliding hour, the euphoria
grows, glows a
brighter shade of gold.

i float in that expanding vastness
of the space between thoughts,
mother of bliss,
child of wonder
that raised me up in the morning,
eased me back into ceaseless dreams, tossing and turning under
the buddha’s smiling moonlight.
listening to the tuis’ bearded hymns
at the vigil around the fire.

later others reported feeling flames, light,
my body perceived a celestial eros,
currents of constellations
that blew
their musical tingling
on every electric inch of my skin.

a curled-up hedgehog punctuates
the vulture circles of money uncertainties,
like a neighbour that quietly peeks into my window at night.

the loudest voice repeats :

“the stones need to be heard.”

to deepen the ties with the mineral kingdom,
those songs that i hear clearer than
many a human’s speech,
demand to be sung.

i hear.
i bow.
i accept.

#singingstones #silence #musicrecording #highdenstones #wesak #fullmoon #magic #ordinarymagic #buddhamoon #highdentemple

Published by joythunder

ecstatic wildness

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