lean on me

Lean On Me….

that song always transports me back to a moment of magic.

it was a cold winter night, and the last song of the ecstatic dance set – individual dancers slowly emerged from their trance, rising from the floor. Voices mingled. bodies came together.

a buzzing throng of sweaty, blissed out humanness locked eyes and arms, and sobbing, pledged each other the comfort of their love.

i figure that what we need right now is,
some good, looooooong hugs.

and then : some witnessing of what we’ve been through,
and some arrows as to where we’re going.

from the only voice that matters now : our own. the voice of our unique path.

this offer is an extended hand.

some people you love may be feeling disoriented, alone – or simply in a state of deep listening.

this gift is for them. to shed some light, soothe the gnawing of questions, help in a way that truly supports us to flourish, and helps to guide us through the darkest nights.

let us take this opportunity to keep consciously shedding the all-pervading loneliness that has creeped into modern culture.

let us always remember that our people are our treasure, and together, our resources are infinite.

i send you all my deepest love.

find out about my readings here : https://joythunder.com/readings/


thank you naama and christi for being fucking gorgeous 

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ecstatic wildness

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