Few things arouse me
Like slowness does.
That flavor of time spent,
Dedicated, offered up.
Like those days
Where I slide into
Deeper layers of service.

With every sunset here
The intimacy grows,
With the land, myself and my many other faces.

I came to give everything,
And morning greets in me that quiet flame
That asks every day
How can I give more?

What is that sweet nectar
That only I can deliver,
For this lover that I am,
Who will drink nothing but
The finest
of my elixirs.

This meditation
on the purity
Of the note within the symphony
Guides me through
The sweetness of living together.

I feel such an urge to share pictures of
Our collective doings and beings,
It’s like I can smell
someone else’s hunger
In the smoke of my cooking pot.

This is today’s goodbyes,
Our tears of blessings
Dripping down
Through the forest of arms and legs.
Another part
of the sum of the parts

Branches out and

Soul love can be that sometimes bewildering recipe :
I would die for you.
I live metres away.
I feel you sometimes deeper than you do yourself.
And – we barely hang out.

Yet in this familiar geography
Of ships in the night,
Stars in the constellation –
What time we do spend in presence
Only polishes the glimmer
Of the first instant of meeting,
That nodded :
Yes. I am yours.
In ways we will never understand.
All is already said.

Then it’s back to weeding,
Clearing our dining hall of
Lagoons of Compost
dog collars
And funeral shrouds,

And back to chopping wood.


Published by joythunder

ecstatic wildness

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