saturn return

What do I return to Saturn?
I give back everything
I believe I know,
Or am.

The impossible dreams
That came true,
the spectacular failures,
The heartbreaks and disillusions,

The rich festival of so many first times.

the masks and limitations
I pick up in the morning and
pretend are mine.

They are yesterday’s clothes.
I have no use for them.

I return the faces that have lived in my heart,
The colorful tales of the path
that has led me

I return the keys and languages
That steer me between realms,
I return my hopes, dreams and omens.

I bow deep to these precious sandcastles,
And I turn as the tide rises to meet them.

The one grain of sand
I do not brush from my skin, is
listening with devotion
To Now.

The weight of metal of that arrowhead in my hand,
Pointing somewhere.


Published by joythunder

ecstatic wildness

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