I feel the divine
Nothing new,
But my dreams paint
How each of our interactions,
Every way in which we
Reach out
touch each other’s heart
Changes our dna.
We mutate –
Each other.

No matter man’s many clever tricks
It all falls to ashes
If we cannot hold each other.

I am infusing tribal days and ways –
Feeling the caged, alone others.

I am now with many
Inside a circle,
The line in the sand
That says :
This is who we have.
This is what we have.
we are privileged to Share
Our Gifts,
Tensions visions

I melts into we,
And dreaming into matter
We Find ways.

« How far can we take this? »

And through our days and deeds
I find this underlying flavor of

Each of us painting the colors of
The world we Long for,
With determined,
Refining precision.

Perhaps this is
The Point
Of all this –
For us to at last focus
Our collective attention,
As one
gloriously undistracted
Into the golden whispers
Of our deepest Longing.

What has us
Aroused and inflamed.

What dissolves us
Back into our own nature,
Like the animals now tiptoeing
Back into our cities.

The wild love
That never left us.

#poem #poetry #tribal #longing #wildlove

Published by joythunder

ecstatic wildness

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