meeting Hare

Animals and dreams,
My favorite sacred texts,
Have been speaking loudly.

I have been bedded
By the blood then the fever –
Days go by
And the sky
Relentlessly spins.

Focusing works for a while,
Then the spinning returns,

I gave up doing.

Yesterday I wrapped myself into a blanket and
stumbled into the forest,
Wanting only to collapse and watch the trees spin –
And I meet Hare.

I freeze.
Usually, my eyes catch
but a glimpse of
A speedily retreating tail.

This fellow lounges on,
Crosses the wide clearing in an unhurried straight line
– straight to me.

Hare considers briefly
My toes among the wandering Jew,
And promenades on.

My advanced
Melted me into the friendly landscape.

My separateness.

What else am I ever learning?

Published by joythunder

ecstatic wildness

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