rumbling night

I lay it all on the ground.
The hunting knife,
The telescope,
The compass.

I lay down the trying.

On the sunset road,
There’s a red woman,
Dancing alone on the red horizon.

What else is real?

Bright pink flowers
Brighten up a room
Drenched in the smell
Of sudden, violent death.

A green caterpillar,
Inside a green tomato,
Defends its home against an
intruding finger.

I hear our caged parents,
Scattered all around the planet,
Have started to plant food.

The smell of cinnamon curls out of the kitchen
While the mists unfurl,
And the shadows meditate
against the paling morning.

Here there are
So many arms and legs,
Wrapped around
So many beating hearts.
It seems the world has grown smaller out there,
But i live in a forest of
eyes and ears,
A perhaps accidental ark
Of precious animals.

An end begins,
And I am caught here,
Like a kiss caught on the wind –
Speechless with wonder
At watching us
Teach each other to
Make bread
Raise goats
Love deeper,
Simmer and bubble
in the creative cauldron

Pray the dark into the light,
The future into matter,
The flowering of the chaos in our cells.

Pray ourselves open
Into evolution,

“My only home is
The unknown”.

I am so grateful
to be
aboard this ship
Heading nowhere,

As we all descend into this
Rumbling night.

Published by joythunder

ecstatic wildness

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