Very old friends

Thank you for reminding me.
We’ve been through some first times,
Some first times in a long times,
And when the thread got tangled
I found I did know.
I knew that taste in the back of my throat,
That said

But oh, I had forgotten
How the horizon opens,
When my fingers let go of yours
And the strength used to try and hold on
Like a long exhale
Of relief.

Love is the greatest teacher,
In the art of yes and no.

The sentence of waiting and wanting lifts,
The low brooding clouds of the then and the someday
Burst into rain and disperse.

I return all of me to the present,
Surprised to find
Songs of joy now pouring from my heart.

Because at the end of the day,
When I give up and forgive us and walk away
All that remains is
The toothless grin of this weathered, resilient knowing :

“My every dancing atom remembers
Your heart and my heart
Are very old friends,
Oh yes, very old friends…”

Published by joythunder

ecstatic wildness

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