Nose on a trail

I go to the waters,
To offer terima kasih banyak
In flowers and cigarettes
To the full moon’s gaze.

Almost a year later,
Here I am again,
Getting blessed
On the brink.
I receive the gift of
And prepare to leave
the incubator’s sacred waters.

Truth be told,
I do get a kick,
A smiling, compassionate chuckle,
Watching my mind
Scrambling to keep up with the
Split second decisions
Taken by my soul,
As it swerves to meet the rising wind.

Eyes closed,
Nose on a trail.

All I need is a hint,
And I get two.

“Outside, the freezing desert night.
This other night inside grows warm, kindling.
Let the landscape be covered with thorny crust.
We have a soft garden in here.
The continents blasted,
cities and little towns, everything
become a scorched, blackened ball.

The news we hear is full of grief for that future,
but the real news inside here
is there’s no news at all.”

Message received.
Uluru, here I come.

followthesigns #uluru #ceremony

Published by joythunder

ecstatic wildness

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