Cave chronicles

This song was written to the love that lives in me. In you. That will still be there intact, long after we have all moved on.

How to share our most untranslatable moments?
Like the slowness of the cave,
Whale time,
Watching the rain
The gecko crusades on the wall.
At last, I let everything fall away.

Back to the breath.

Music fills my mind
Sound streams out,
Spiraling around my being
Like only spirits do,
Living entities pushing themselves
into form.
They fly out of my throat and fingers into
Other ears,
Soaring in circles around other minds.

My body demands raw flesh and
No decisions.

Simple interactions slipped out of my reach,
Telepathic wonders crackle on as usual.

Words read on a screen
Hang in the air,
Subtitles to my days.
There is no rush.

After this year’s
111 temple nights
I surrender back
To a different flavor
Of empty space.

To that face of devotion to the divine
In the chicken chatter,
The waterfall,
The messages.

What you are working on is gold.”

What glimmers from the depths
Right now
Is that bone-deep knowing that
All that matters
Is those who know how to tend to the earth.
Our earth.
Our self-worth, our children, our dead.
The love and hope we come back to in times of crisis.
The roofs over our heads,
Those who tend the
Fires in our hearths and hearts,
In our wombs and spirits,
Who feel and weave every day
The web between species

Those who know how to sing spirit into matter,
And listen to how it sings back.

I watch the cauldron bubble,
Drifting between dreamworlds
While life shuffles my cards.

cavechronicles #joythunder

Published by joythunder

ecstatic wildness

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