Lay yourself bare

The other day, a line from a song
Kicked me in the face.
“People writing songs
That voices never shared”.

What am I waiting for?

In the past I’ve hunted for an edge,
Fishing for adrenaline in
Extreme unknowns.

I now know
My being truly trembles
In moments of quiet and whispers.

Such as that silence
When I step into the limelight,
And the group’s gaze waits
As I pull in a breath
And I sing
My heart open.

“Yes. Come in.”
Or perhaps : “I am coming out”.

I have roamed temple floors,
Feeling into
What is most needed.
The answer I find is always
Lay yourself bare.
Step into the centre where you can be

Open the field of permission.

I write a song after making love,
heart beating as I send it
To that companion’s ears.

Then the screen, the distance dissolve
And I open again
This raw tender heart
To the whole community
Breathing in front of me.

I allow.
I give back the gifts
By holding up the mirror.
I will not leave this treasure buried.

is what happens in the mystery chambers,
Between us and
Inside of you,
Every day
That you dare.

Where change is burning,
And the flames
are already
Setting the world alight.

Published by joythunder

ecstatic wildness