The word is
I can barely keep track
Of how many teeth gleam in the moon’s smile.

My spine squints at my foot, thinks
Already the paths open to beg for a footprint,
Strewn with rose petals and freshly fallen apricots.

I blink, and the earth has already sucked in the raindrop.

“How was it?”

It’s past! Gone!
the next wave already swells ahead,
Don’t ask me about then –
I’m hurtling by on the shooting star of Now!

My brain has no time to anything
No time to interrupt my animal and my soul’s
Each murmuring to the other
“Baby let me take care of you”…

There’s only time for
self care and soul fire
Stretch my muscles, untangle my hair,
sprinkle holy water
On the ground of holy caves,

Jump on the next train.

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