What has kept me here?

It is

Without doubt

Or hesitation

The bears.

The shredded trunks

Where their nuzzles smelled bugs

The ripped planks


So temporarily

The treasures of

Garbage and kitchen,

The cacophony of their retreat,

Smashing through branches

Every day when I walk by.

“Bear medicine is

Knowing your strength.

How to pluck a delicate berry

In between two giant claws.”

The one who knows

The perfect blend of root and bark

To pour life into the dead.

Afternoons find me whistling down the track

Where a young adult bolted

A mother and cubs scattered.

Even the long, loving gaze of the deer,

Coming to meet me at arm’s length,

Cannot distract me from my

Persistent beardreaming.

I sing a few notes of warning

To the shy one at the east gate.

Not the “Love me babe” that birds sing,


“I am here.

You are here.”

I’m fascinated that like the wolf,

You know

To run

from such a fragile biped.

Many a decade has passed

Since your hide hung from the tipi poles.

I don’t know, darling.

I carved you into my leg,

long ago,

On a day when I just

Didn’t know

What else to do

With the pain of the world.

I stay,

and peer at your presence

through the curtain of leaves.

An elusive memory I can’t quite catch

Hangs in the air between us.

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