Oh water!

Oh water!

Divine lover of mine

You whisper words at dusk

And tease songs out of me.

I sit on another land of quartz,

Where your veins twinkle with gold,

And I run to you.

Lips black with blackberries

Cooked and dried on the bramble bush.

I sleep in the dust,

Pluck thorns from my ankles

Sweat coats my skin with salt

And every night as the light


My feet pad along bear tracks

Heart racing until

Your rustle reaches my ears.

I race across fallen trunks

And here

The cool dance of your body

Welcoming me


We are alive!

Fling rainbows into the air.


Thundering laughter!

Every day I bathe in your

Life-giving love

Endless adaptability

You come and wake the smell of pine from the ground

We run outside, amazed

Rain in the dry season?!

A sprinkle of blessing

Flung over your shoulder

“Did you want a miracle?”

Published by joythunder

ecstatic wildness