“Get lost in the dance.”

The wind billows in my dress,
Sails me out of every haven.
It flicks away my anchor
Without a backward glance.

I dream of stillness
You feed me accidents,
You shake me by the ankles!
Poke tickle pinch
My clothes rip,
Instruments break –
Change my plans
Steal my knife
Take my name.

I know impermanence
like my shoulder knows the weight of my travel bag.

“Oh, you want this?
How bad?”
Trickster tricks to test me
– takes one to know one –
Dangles just out of reach.

I put my yearning on the altar
And throw my hands up in surrender.
Hey, more apple tree cards! “Okay!”
I walk the plank.


Oh yes.
I know the drill by now :

You take everything from me…
Then cram treasures into my empty hands.

#planepoet #impermanence #magic #surrender #joynthunder

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