Ista love poem

Alone at last.
There’s still salt on my cheeks
sand in my hair
Wind in my ears.
Hours roll by behind plane windows.
A rainbow spreads across the clouds
and the moon rises,
Full and silver on a blood red sky.

My body still remembers the goosebumps
Every time a voice speaks in the circle.
“I have never felt so welcome.
Anywhere. Ever.”
“To come here was is the best decision
Of my life.”

My eyes still hold that 360° horizon
Pure potential
Clean slate
corals, stars and snakes under our feet.
“Here we want your sexual energy.
Bring us your lower chakras.”
What does that look like?
The brothers walk out taller.
The sister’s eyes twinkle with magic.
How many first-time-evers,
How many freak coincidences rippling out to our loved ones?
No one’s counting.
Too busy having epiphanies orgasms high-fives catharsis – and then breakfast.
“Lure them in with the word “sex”
– then change their lives forever.”

Published by joythunder

ecstatic wildness