what does a queen look like?

I had a dream a few weeks ago. Someone said to me : “Hey, there are queens all around you!”. I woke up and pulled a card : the Queen of Cups.

This week they’ve been relentless : every time my fingers would reach for my deck, one would be there, waiting for me.

So what’s your point, ladies? I mused.

What comes to my mind when I feel into a queen is : effortless mastery. Like a fish can swim and a bird can sing – that ease is the queen’s playground. She luxuriates in her element, like a cat stretched out in the sun.

Or ripping a head off a bird. Whatever the element is, in that moment.

Anyway – ease! Now ease is a quality I’ve been devotedly calling into my life. I’ve repeatedly, cajolingly serenaded to it in a number of languages. This court of queens now dancing around me seems like a simple message that I am attracting what I emanate. The last time I picked the Queen of Wands, I was struck by our physical resemblance, the light curls and bright yellow dress that I’d bought the previous day.

This ties in to the voluntary non-doing I’ve been practising for the last few days. (years?) Leaving some space and time for things to trickle down and filter after intense experiences.

In that space a memory came, of an exercise picked up in some fix-your-business book. It’s called the Billionaire Uncle exercise.

So your billionaire uncle dies, and leaves you mountains of cash – but first, you must fulfil two requests, for which you have access to whatever resources you need.

First, you spend a year learning something you really, truly want to learn.

Second, you spend the following year in service, to whatever calls you.

After those two years, the rest of the billions is yours – but hey, who are you now? How have these experiences changed you, and how has your path changed, now that survival is no longer an issue?

When this popped in my head again I realised I’d manifested this very situation in my life, pouring resources I never dreamt could be available to me into learning and giving. None of this happened through any effort or planning. It just… eased itself in, when I wasn’t looking.

I was washing dishes the other day in front of a poster proclaiming Do More of What You Love. That seems to be the only steadfast practice in my life.

Do More of It.
Celebrate, in ecstatic gratitude.

Thank you beauties.

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